Community Vegan – Our Story

Founded in 2016, Community Vegan is your resource for leading a more healthful, compassionate life. Embrace the plants on your plate!

Within the Community Vegan circle you will find:

  • Daily news from the vegan world – so many great stories from around the globe.
  • Blog – tackling the fun, the serious and the everyday aspects that I’ve encountered and you will hopefully relate to.
  • Reviews – books, restaurants, shops, food products, non-food products, documentaries, travel, festivals and so forth.
  • Yin & Yang – Yoga and Sport. Teaching yoga, coaching sport and lots of information on how to be a vegan yogi and plant-based athlete
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Long and short answers to issues surrounding veganism including nutrition, animal welfare and environmental impact.
  • Vegan Lifestyle Coaching – education and coaching services to assist you, your family, groups and organizations to explore plant-based living
  • Links to social media and other resources

Community Vegan is based in North Vancouver, BC at the foot of beautiful Fromme Mountain and will be seasonally located near 100 Mile House, BC in the heart of lake country and ranchland. While certain information will be relevant to Vancouver’s Lower Mainland and other parts of British Columbia, there will also be discussions and reviews from many other locales. The impact of veganism starts with each one of us and spreads out to the global community so being in touch with what is happening beyond our small daily circle allows us to really see and be a part of something really great that is happening.

Welcome to the Community!