About Us

Community Vegan is an open circle . Within this space you will find information, education, news, food, recommendations, resources and blogging on all aspects of veganism. From our own community to the global community, curiosity in what a vegan lifestyle means has never been more exciting.

Founder: Colleen Gray-Hewett, BA’93 UBC, VLEC (Vegan Lifestyle Educator & Coach) Main Street Vegan Academy, New York.

Who are you?

  • Vegan Lifestyle Educator & Coach
  • Plant-based foodie and chef
  • Triathlete (2x Long Distance World Champion 2013 & 2014)
  • Cyclist (and coach); hiker; trail runner; swimmer; SUP’r
  • Yogi (250 hrs RYT Vinyasa & Yin Teacher)
  • Parent of two kids, three pets; Spouse of one
  • Traveler
  • Coffee aficionado
  • Devotee of the sun, rain, earth and animals

What does your company do?

  • Vegan Coaching and Education (private, small group, yoga teacher trainings, yoga & learn, corporate wellness, cooking demos, guided grocery store shopping, online coaching)
  • Blog – to keep informed about personal and professional observations and news in the plant-based world
  • Media – interviews, articles, observations, product testing/reviews
  • Consulting – restaurants, hotels, bars – on vegan fare to attract plant-based clients alongside omnivore clientel.


When did you start doing what you’re doing?

  • 2016 in professional capacity
  • Completed Main Street Vegan Academy certification in October 2016

Why do you love what you do?

As I came to understand the three main pillars of veganism (health, animals and environment) I finally found my place to contribute to the local and broader community. Taking my 200-hour yoga teacher training through non-profit loving kindness based Karma Teachers brought compassion and the concept of ahimsa (non-violence) full circle.

It’s OK not to be born vegan!!!

It’s OK to be who you are, where you are and just become vegan one day (or begin to transition)!!!

That’s my story.

My name is Colleen. I am, as of September 2016, a 47-year-old VEGAN. I am also a wife, mom, athlete, yogi, teacher, coach, ex-Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, nature lover and student (of many things). I’m also a Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator.

I live in North Vancouver, BC at the base of some of the best trails in the world for mountain biking, trail running, hiking, and walking meditations. So yes, I’m spoiled. It does rain here quite a bit though, but that’s what makes it so green.

When vegan? Full vegan in mid-October 2015 upon racing the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI. Predominantly vegetarian (eating a bit of salmon, eggs and cheese) for a few years prior to that.

Why vegan? That is what our Community Vegan website, the blog and hopefully our ongoing communications will answer. Veganism, as it turns out, is a many faceted thing. It is not a diet let me assure you (plant-based eating is a diet). It is a way of living compassionately on this earth and to improve so many aspects of your life and the lives of your children and community in the process.

What is Community Vegan? There are many vegan websites and blogs out there. Most focus on recipes and food with some fantastically delicious ideas and photos. Community Vegan is not that. Community Vegan is about community – living in one and creating one. We all live in a community and we often belong to several communities even if you don’t call them that. Your cycling community. Your work community. Your school community. Your local community. Your yoga community. Your bookclub. And so on. We also can contribute to all our communities in many ways. With our time and resources typically but also as influencers. Community Vegan has been established to influence you to then be an influencer in the vegan community. Whether it is for health – yours or that of someone you love, your compassion for animals, the impact of food production on the planet or a combination of all three, there is so much to learn and so much to embrace.

Community Vegan’s goal is to help us all live the best life we possibly can. If that involves some amazing food and a super healthy, mindful, compassionate life in the process, well, I’m willing to make the leap! Come join our Community.