Beyond CO2 – Veganism & the Environment

Colleen Gray-Hewett Blog

International Peace Day – September 21st – came and went. Peace means so much more than the opposite of war.  Peace means having a safe place to live and to be able to feed, clothe and shelter your family in the most sustainable way possible.  The environment is changing fast – and not for the better.  Florence and the flooding in North Carolina a few days ago.  Fires that raged through our own province.  Tornado in Ottawa yesterday.  32 degrees and high humidity in Chicago and other parts of the US. Just a few that are so close to home!  Climate change – and preventing it – is an act of peace for our entire existence!

Below a visual schematic on the gases of climate change, also showing water, land and efficiencies of raising animals for food:

Many people have not seen these numbers and do not know the devastating impact of our daily choices the planet.  Did you know that humans choose meat, eggs and dairy out of want not need (we do not need a single animal product to survive – most people want it for taste and have always known it as part of their diet) is impacting Earth more than almost any other sector?   Fires, floods, extreme weather, storms, devastation.  Be a global citizen and stay educated on what you can do to help.  On your plate: More beans! More lentils! More veggies and fruit!  We are fortunate to gain so much flavour and options while giving up so little.

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