Community Vegan Coaching

Community Vegan Coaching

I am really happy to be vegan! I have learned so much on my journey (a lot by trial and error) and am constantly upgrading my own education. I became a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator in 2016 and in 2019 a Certified Holistic Nutritionist so that I can best help my community along this journey to a better life and better world!

Personal Coaching

Sometimes we know what we want to do and even have a lot of information but need someone to set the ball in motion and offer support and guidance to help you stay the course! That’s what a VLCE is here for. I’ve coached athletes and been coached myself for many years so I know how important a coach is to achieving goals.

Personal Coaching

One session: 45 minutes in person or phone

In this introductory session we will discuss where you are at and what has brought you to look at a plant-based lifestyle. After our meeting, I will prepare personalized game plan emailed to you within 2 business days.


Three sessions: 45 minutes each in person or phone

Session one: introductory session as described above

Sessions two and three: we will cover the most relevant topics for you with follow-up notes emailed to you after each session.

$200 ($25 savings)

Six sessions: 45 minutes each in person or phone

Session one: introductory session as described above

Sessions two through six: broader scope of vegan-related topics as applicable to you. Could include a field trip and/or food demonstration.

$375 ($75 savings or 6 classes for the price of 5)

Group Education

If you are curious about veganism or what eating more plant-based means, chances are your friends or colleagues are as well. I can come to your home, club, library or office to present various topics, depending on what the interest is. This can either be a one-time session or a series.

Sample topics:

What exactly does being vegan mean?

Why a plant-based lifestyle can save your life and save our planet at the same time.

How eating plants impacts the top health crises in North America (and what big pharma doesn’t want you to know!)

The Vegan Athlete – how getting the animals out of the diet can enhance your performance and recovery

Where do you get your protein and other questions about being vegan.

Yoga & Veganism – great for a yoga studio or yoga teacher training; can also do a two hour yoga and learn session where I lead 60 minute practice and 60 minute discussion.

Read & Learn – Book recommendation for your Book Club and a presentation once the club has read the book. Non-fiction.

The Vegan Family – raising kids that thrive while teaching compassion

Is 50 to old to become a vegan? – Why making the switch should be done at every stage of life!


I completed my 200 hr RYT in vinyasa yoga at Karma Teachers in January 2016 followed by 50 hrs of Yin training. I am not affiliated with a studio, opting to teach friends, colleagues, small groups or for special events (like a cycling weekend). Yoga is a practice. Yogi’s are students of the practice. Always. I practice in studio at least three times per week and at home.

As an athlete and yogi, I recognize the importance of proper alignment, breathing and sequencing when working with clients. Focus is a non-intimidating practice and learning how to get the most out of each posture as this will translate to a more content body that can do more for your every day and a mind that knows how to find some release in this chaotic world.

I am available to share yoga with you and/or your group, which can also go along with a vegan workshop (one hour of each, for example). Rate to be determined based on scope.

Cycling Coaching

Spring 2017: 6 week beginner-intermediate women’s road riding clinic through TaG Cycling in North Vancouver, BC. Classes take place Wednesday mornings 9:30am-11:00am at various start points on the North Shore. Please check the website for details (as well as other cycling offerings). I coach this clinic and ride as one of the TaG ambassadors on Sunday Club Rides.

Send me an email if you have questions about cycling, particularly road and triathlon cycling. As with yoga, cyclists should always be students. In my case, that is taking up Mountain Biking at age 47 so I have some insight into this too!

The Written Word

I am available to write articles for appropriate print and electronic publications. Please contact me at